The subject of infertility is very private in our circles; it is just not something that is talked about in the open.

On Struggling With Infertility In A Hasidic Community

The subject of infertility is very private in our circles; it is just not something that is talked about in the open. I didn’t even tell my Hasidic parents.

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Queer Parents Aren’t Allowed To Have Mixed Feelings About Parenthood

For queer parents like me, meanwhile — although I know that my whiteness and my class affords me a degree of protection from scrutiny and interference — the threat of being deemed an illegitimate parent also serves to silence any discussion of mixed feelings.

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I Spent More Than $80,000 To Have My Kids, And I’d Do It Again

I always wanted to be a mother. I loved kids and they loved me. The only problem was, my defective reproductive system didn’t get that memo.

The author with her daughter.

I Will Never Be Pregnant, And I'm Finally OK With That

I never was able to get pregnant. And after five surgeries and two failed rounds of IVF, it was a dream I had to let go of at the age of 28.

So why do pregnancy announcements still affect me so much?

Pregnancy Announcements Can Be Hard When Dealing With Infertility

Pregnancy announcements are the norm all over social media. But for someone experiencing infertility, seeing those announcements can be triggering.

I want us all to carefully consider the terms in which we describe our choices to others in order to pare them from implicit value judgments on other women’s choices.

Stop Judging Women On Their Choice To Have (Or Not Have) Kids

I’m not here to scream from the other side of my parenting choice. What I want is for women’s choices regarding fertility to be supported, full stop.

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This Dad Shows Us The Overwhelming Emotion Of Welcoming A Rainbow Baby

Welcoming any baby is probably the single most emotional experience of the human condition. But welcoming a Rainbow Baby?

I was going to be left behind while everyone chatted about diapers and boppies and bonded over shared maternal experiences.

Navigating The Grief Of Miscarriage When Your Friends Have Babies

Miscarriage steals your ability to prepare for the future, to trust your body, your mind, and your support system.