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The Worst Things Your Kid Can Learn On The Internet

Being aware that kids can discover some iffy stuff on the internet — and discussing what to do with the information — are the best ways to keep kids safe.

"After five minutes of show-and-tell instructions, some changes to my settings, and a little strategic screen-tapping, I was enlightened to the possibilities." Image: author

Joining Snapchat In Your 30s And Other Clues You're Bad At Being A Millennial

Having been born in 1982, I qualify as a member of the millennial generation, but just by a hair. Often, I feel like an old lady, sometimes the last to catch on to to the fads claimed by this group — and when I do, I fall hard. (I’m looking at you, leggings-as-pants.)

I need an updated mental picture.

Lost Love: When You Can't Find Your Ex On The Internet

I’m not alone in being troubled by how people suddenly disappear in life, right? That’s essentially why the internet was created. You may have heard rumors about Al Gore inventing it for military purposes... Lies!

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A Conversation Between A Troll And A Fat Woman On The Internet

Being a woman on the Internet is hard. Being a fat woman on the internet can be even harder. Thanks, trolls.


The Internet is More Fragile Than We Think

Turns out at least 95% of our Internet communications are actually transported via underwater cables—many of which are no wider than your garden hose.