Image of Father Vincenzo Taraborelli from BBC News

Ever Wanted To Perform An Exorcism? Now's Your Chance!

If you are looking for a slightly spooky career change this Halloween season, I’m here to tell you that the Catholic Church is looking for a few good… exorcists.


Why Love Doesn't Have To Be Love

“Love doesn’t have to be love,” a friend recently said to me. Lust, even though it is often referred to as a fallacious feeling, is a legitimate experience. As those wise words poured out of her mouth, I felt relieved to remember that there is a part of me that once knew this to be true.


Things Like Destiny: Flash Fiction

“You are the naked girl on horse, yes?” he said, approaching her table from across the café patio.


September Is Sickle Cell Awareness Month: Get Your Knowledge-Drop!

Because no one is out there making sexy bumper stickers to raise awareness for this deadly hereditary disease, we're here to try and shed some light.


Meron Estefanos: Eritrean Radio Journalist

refugee advocate. mother. giver.


The Eerie Case of the Blinking Mummy: Supernatural or Scientific?

A Sicilian mummy appears to open and shut her toddler eyes in front of spectators. What kind of sorcery is at work here?


Watch: Now Even Pearl Jam Has Covered 'Let It Go'

Let it gooooo, let it gooooo! Sing it, Pearl Jam.


Hot and Bothered in Brazil: World Cup Sex Rules by Country

The Olympic Village is traditionally a breeding ground of sin. How does the World Cup measure up?