Jenny Zigrino Is The Plus-Size Comedian Of Our Dreams

"If you told me at 12 you could be plus-size and have a happy life, I would have thought you were insane. I want to change that mindset." - Jenny Zigrino

There's so much more power in laughter than we realize.

I Have One Thing In Common With Donald Trump (And It Is NOT Funny!)

Critique devastates me. I never want to do anything wrong. When I believe I have done something wrong, I tend to avoid the situation or people involved indefinitely. Run somewhere where I can try again. Start from scratch.

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We Need A Re-Education: On Making Racist "Jokes"

It’s not okay to say racist things as long as the subject of our racism is not in ear shot.

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The Crystal Maze: A Game Show Where You Can Laugh At People's Failures In A Non-Oppressive Way

It’s essentially Legends of the Hidden Temple for hapless adults stranded in a dime store Disneyland. And it's OK to chuckle.


Frances Callier And Angela V. Shelton: "Frangela" Comedy Duo

second city alums. funny ladies. best friends.

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The Creative Activist Response To CoverGirl's "Get Your Game Face On" Campaign

CoverGirl, supposedly for "female empowerment," sticks by its NFL beauty campaign. Photoshop to the rescue.