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4 Reasons Why The "Elite" League Dating App Would Never Accept Me

I'm pretty sure I sat in dried urine on MUNI the other day, and the last person I texted is a porn star. Looks like it's Tinder for me!

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The Real Reason Amal Alamuddin Is 2014's "Most Fascinating" Person

Brush up on your knowledge of the human rights issues this newly minted most-interesting person supports.

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GamerGate Is Lawyering Up

Mike Cernovich is using his legal expertise and resources to turn the GamerGate hate syndicate into a job.

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Meet The U.S. Department Of Justice's Fierce New Civil Rights Leader: Vanita Gupta

You've been dying to know who would take over the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice of the US, amiright?


Japanese Artist Arrested for (Yes) 3D Vagina Work

Rokudenashiko makes beautiful art out of molds of her vagina. Japan does not approve.


George Clooney's Brainy New Fiance: A Victory for Women Everywhere?

America's favorite hunk has (reportedly) put a ring on it with Oxford-educated lawyer Amal Alamuddin. Why is sexism playing a role in media coverage of the big news?


Listful Thinking: 12 Professions and their Sexual Personalities (Hint: Lawyers Want it Everyday)

Because in America, what you do says so much about who you are.