Listful Thinking: 12 Professions and their Sexual Personalities (Hint: Lawyers Want it Everyday)

I don't know about you, but I can't even count the number of times I've said: "I am so done with lawyers." Or, "I'm never getting with a guy in sales again!" Or, "He's a teacher? "I don't do that any more!"

One's profession doesn't necessarily dictate sexual aptitude . . . or does it?

An oh-so-scientific study was administered to determine the sexual prowess of folks in various occupations.

And now, we present the "study's" sweeping generalizations (um, highlights):

1. Firefighters are the best in bed.

2. Doctors rock at oral sex, but aren't so savvy when it comes to foreplay (isn't oral sex part of foreplay?).

3. Surprisingly, suave salespeople are actually the most likely to back off when their partners aren't in the mood.

4. Want to cuddle? Date a teacher. They love a good snuggle.

5. For overall sexual satisfaction, getting down with an artist is the way to go.

6. Hornier than the average chica? Invite a construction worker into bed. They're the most willing to go the distance, even when dead tired.

7. Be cautious with managers. They're have the toughest time accepting that "no" really does mean "no."

8. Need a handy lover? Engineers not only rock at fixing things around the house, they're also determined to ensure that the lady's satisfied. 

9. Once-a-day kind of gal? Find a lawyer—attorneys want it everyday.

10. Mechanics love edible underwear, but they are extra likely to fall asleep right after sex. 

11. Dig some domination? Small business owners are the most likely to introduce some kink in the bedroom (seriously?).

12. Be careful with those computer specialists. They're not down for oral sex and they're not into sex toys. 

Alright, we're mad curious to see how these hold up. Get to it, ladies—and report back. —

Image: Nurse? Seems legit. Courtesy of Wikimedia


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