Criticism of women’s magazines contains many shades of sexism.

The Sexism Underlying Criticism Of Women's Magazines

The criticism of women’s magazines contains many shades of sexism. There’s the implication that to care about beauty is vain and a waste of time.


Inside My Whirlwind Life As A High-Profile "Fat" Woman

I did The Today Show, and after that spent 45 minutes talking to Inside Edition. If you're confused, imagine how I felt.

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Playboy's Progressive New Direction

Is the company that's famous for dressing women like bunnies starting to *gasp* see women as people, too?


New GoldieBlox Video Challenges Beauty Standards—But Is Everyone Really "Beautiful"?

Instead of pretending everyone can be beautiful (they can't), why not challenge the very value of beauty?


Jen Giese: CEO, Photojojo

Spotted in: The Mission, SF

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Chanel Iman and A$AP Rocky Heat Up Vogue’s September Issue

In addition to turning us on, the magazine’s September issue is more importantly the first to feature a cover model of color in 25 years.