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Unbelievable beauty hacks you'll want to try!

Monistat As Makeup Primer And Other Unbelievable Beauty Hacks

Among the trends in the world of unbelievable beauty hacks are the surprising frequency of alternate uses for beauty products.

A gorgeous holiday makeup look (Instagram: @trendtye)

13 Makeup Looks For This Holiday Season

Feel like playing up what you’ve got or transforming into something totally different? Check out these makeup mavens for a bit of inspiration.

Instagram/ thaliaseyecandy

#FatshionFriday: Follow These 11 Plus-Size Makeup Artists For Inspiration

Ever find yourself dying to try a makeup look, but having a hard time envisioning it on yourself because most of the makeup IG’s and YouTube channels feature thin women whose features don’t resemble yours?

If your makeup's this old, you should definitely throw it out. Image: Imgur

Throw Out Your Old Makeup. Here Are The Only Items You’ll Ever Need.

It's basically a lot of palettes.


My Love/Hate Relationship With Makeup

Makeup and I have always had a love/hate relationship: I love it; it hates me.