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 I will teach my daughters that they have control of their body. They have a voice.

#MeToo Parenting: Raising Girls To Always Speak Up & Never Minimize

Metoo parenting is teaching my daughters that they have control of their body. They have a voice. There are now real consequences for those who abuse Read...
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Diana Whitney at a #MeToo March on International Women's Day (Photo Credit: Kristopher Radder/ The Reformer)

How I Exposed My Yoga Teacher's Abuses On Facebook

There is a long history of male yoga teachers using their spiritual power to dominate and abuse women. Yoga is slowly waking and this is my story! Read...
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Photo by Tess Nebula on Unsplash

The #MeToo Movement Is Not Making Waves Where I Live​

I doubt a day’s gone by when the #MeToo movement hasn’t been referenced in some way. I thought I’d finally have my day and say in court. Read...
Sharisse Tracey    |   04.24.18   |   SHARE
This moment or movement has freed up much-needed SPACE for us to fill with our personal experiences with men that range from violent rape to subtle coercion and harassment.

Can Straight Couples Survive #MeToo?

As women build and strengthen our communities, and find commonalities over male-related traumas, where does that leave us in our relationships with Read...
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Sex + Love
The entire situation of being sexually assaulted abroad was very uncomfortable, and I honestly didn't know what to do.

Sexually Assaulted Abroad

I was sexually assaulted abroad and I honestly didn't know what to do. I was stunned, relieved, and confused — so many emotions were running through Read...
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No one wants to admit to being raped.

People Die Because Of Harvey Weinstein. Enough Is Enough.

Not all rapists look or act like rapists. Some of the men who abused me are considered “nice people.” Read...
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