I found clear parallels between Mawlid and another holiday back at home — Christmas. (Photo: Sabrina Toppa)

Mawlid: The Little-Known Muslim Holiday That Looks Like Christmas

Each winter, Muslims around the world mark the birth of the Prophet Muhammad during Mawlid, an annual holiday celebrating the prophet's arrival on Earth.


Saadia Faruqi & Shoshana Kordova: The Women Behind "Have Faith, Will Parent"

We’re trying to use the powers of the internet for good, by breaking down these artificial barriers rather than reinforcing them, and by giving people a way to connect with those they might never have encountered otherwise.

“Donald, I see your bigotry and raise you... wait for it... XENOPHOBIA!”

Dear Ted Cruz, Let's Talk About "Gang Activity"

So, by your reasoning, it’s safe to say that we should go into areas where one group of people are thought to be terrorizing another group of people, round up the terrorizers, and get them off the streets. OK, cool. I see your proposal, and I raise you “history."

From the Dolce & Gabbana hijab and abaya collection

Can Fashion Help Fight Islamophobia?

Some of the lines are limited edition or only available in certain locations, but the very fact that these designers are choosing to make clothing for Islamic women, has an impact. While it taps into a big market that is projected to spend $484 billion on clothing and footwear by 2019, it also takes a stand against hate.


#YouAintNoMuslimBruv Hashtag Trends In Wake Of London Attack

A man who stabbed three people in a London subway station Saturday tried to instill fear of ISIS by yelling "This is for Syria" as he was hauled away by police. Instead, it is the words of a bystander that captured the world's attention.

Courtesy of, Wikimedia

Happy Birthday, Malcolm X—What Can We Learn From His Legacy? 

Malcolm X left this world with compassion, as well as a desire for equality and peace between folks of all ethnicities.


ISIS Demands Dress Code For Women In Iraq

If you're not afraid of ISIS, you're not paying attention. 

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Serial's Race Problem

The popular podcast, which ended yesterday, has elicited criticism for its handling of race issues.