new years

Resolve to do one action each week (or whatever works for you) that makes the world more affirming of people of all sizes.

Make New Year’s Resolutions That Create A Revolution    

Resolution season is almost upon us, and I find myself reflecting on one of the most commonly failed New Year’s Resolutions — weight loss.

I turned away from all things that mean the holidays to the average person. I was alone with myself.

What I Learned When I Spent Christmas And New Years Meditating         

Once I registered for the ten-day course, it dawned on me that I would spend the holidays alone, meditating. I was also leaving behind parts of myself.

Phone overuse is real; get it under control in 2017.

New Year, Less Tech: How To Break Your Phone Addiction

It's a new year! But it's the same old story with you and your lover, er, I mean, your phone.


Cassie Truong Is Staying Curious

On her goals for 2016:

For the record, wood panelling is not part of this resolution AT ALL.

My New Year's Resolution To Watch More TV

I spent last night gleefully watching both volumes of Kill Bill, one right after the other. That adds up to about 248 minutes of screen time.