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So, how do we foster our children’s independence? By letting them develop their interests organically.

The Importance Of Letting Your Child Develop Interests Organically

Yes, you ARE pushing your child, whether you want to acknowledge it or not. Read...
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"Attachment parenting is an easy thing to get wrapped up in and it’s an easy thing to feel like you’ve failed at, primarily because there are defined and demanding benchmarks."

Attachment Parenting Wrecked Me

It is understood that to effectively and officially attachment parent your child, you need to hit all the markers, check all the boxes, and do it Read...
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Deluded vs. Actual Parenting: Things I Said I Would Never Do (And Then Did)

I’m never going to say, “Because I said so.” Read...
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Ask Erin!: How Do I Deal With Feeling Isolated As A Single Parent?

I need help dealing with isolation as a single parent. This is my first Christmas, since splitting from my ex-husband. He left when my son was 7 Read...
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Ask Erin
Best. Job. Ever.

My Kid Said “I Hate You” And That Means I’m Doing Something Right

As the mother of a 12-year-old boy, I knew this day would come. And it came sooner than I thought it would. My kid said, "I hate you" to me. Read...
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5 Secrets To Parenting As Partners

While some high-powered couples do need to think deliberately about which parent will lead on a long-term basis, most two-parent working households Read...
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8 Things You Must Never Do When Raising Boys

Even the most well-intentioned parents sometimes make mistakes in how they raise their kids. Read...
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Empowering Things To Say To Young Girls That Have Nothing To Do With Their Looks

Compliments given to girls often center on their looks and little if anything else. Hearing about looks more than other aspects can leave the nuances Read...
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