Coffee. Please.

Studies Show, Caffeine Doesn't Kill You!

Caffeine is GOOD FOR YOU? No one is more excited to hear this news than I am, as I write this article on five insufficient hours of sleep.


As Dolly Parton And Kenny Rogers Announce Their Last Performance Together, We Celebrate The Awesomeness Of Ms. Parton

Today in, Islands In The Sad Sad Stream: Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton announce their last performance together. 

I try to contain my fears, my own insecurities. I want them to shine, even as I’m terrified watching them climb and jump and dream.

When My Kids Go Onstage, I'm More Frightened Than They Are

I’m full of emotions: pride, awe, fear, nerves. The spelling bee first, then the piano recital. Two different kids, same mom. Same me, wanting to prevent my boys from pain and discomfort. Same me, biting my tongue and smiling broadly in support.


Jack White To Hold $3 Concerts

Too broke to attend live music concerts these days? Join the club. And all hail Jack White.


My Struggle To Embrace The Term “Brave”

I’m not brave because I’m shameless, or superior, or strange. I’m brave because I’m afraid.


Zen Cohen: VJ, Video Documentarian, Still Photographer

Spotted in: The Mission, SF


Sudha Ragunathan: World-Renowned Concert Musician

carnartic music star. film director.


Johanna Thompson: Performance Artist

Spotted in: Downtown SF