Studies Show, Caffeine Doesn't Kill You!

Coffee. Please.

Coffee. Please.

Today in, News You Can Really REALLY Use: Caffeine won't kill you. after all.


A study review conducted by a British dietician shows, not only will caffeine not kill you, but it might actually make you perform better!

No one is more excited to hear this news than I am, as I write this article on five insufficient hours of sleep.

The study suggests that up to 400 mg of caffeine a day is perfectly okay. This is equivalent to four cups of coffee or eight cups of tea or several Excedrin Migraine. Dr. Carrie Ruxton tells us, "Tea is the best way to get your hit of caffeine as it has half the amount of coffee and is packed with a variety of health-boosting polyphenols and antioxidants." To which I say, stop trying to rule my life. THERE IS NOT ENOUGH CAFFEINE IN THERE, CARRIE. 


The review cites 15 studies that show that caffeine actual beneficial implications in regards to the brain. Another 29 studies that show caffeine can actually enhance sports performance. Maybe Lance Armstrong should have tried some tea.

G bless the UK for more reasons than one. (Also for the word “loo” and calling a sweater a “jumper.”)


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I feel like coffee is a lot like eggs. First it was good, then it was bad, then it would kill you, now it's good again. So go ahead drink four cups of coffee and eat four eggs. REJOICE IN SCIENCE.

I've only had one cup of fairly weak coffee this morning, I think I'll have another.


​Except not really, because if I drink too much caffeine at the same time I take my thyroid meds, I feel like I'm having a heart attack. So, you know, use caution and all that.


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