How To Add Magic To Your Every Day Wellness Routine

Photo by Cristian Escobar on Unsplash

Photo by Cristian Escobar on Unsplash

This article first appeared on Luna Luna and has been republished with permission.

We often don't associate magic and fitness. In fact, a wellness routine is the perfect space to hold a magical practice. It might seem frightening to add spell craft to your CrossFit moves or incantations to that hot vinaysa flow. But all of these elements are interconnected because they all involve one thing: you. 

Honestly, this sacred work should be incorporated into physical and mental wellness more often than not because the more intrinsically connected we to our physical selves, the more tethered our spiritual and otherworldly connections are. Imagine turning a cross country run into a spell, a routine morning walk into a lunar ritual, and so on.

Here are seven ways to add magic to your every day fitness. 

1. Thank your body. 

No matter what your physical abilities are–we often judge ourselves for not being "the best" at a new workout or routine–thank your body. Thank your body for holding space for your person. Thank your body for moving, bending, turning, twisting, breathing, sighing, sweating, performing, and yes, even soreness, tenderness, and hurting. Your body, a beautiful, magical, powerful agent is here to assist you with calling your own power.

2. Honor a time and day to your practice. 

Routines are helpful, they can transcend into sacred rituals and purpose. If you delegate a special and honored time for your physical practice, that will strengthen your spiritual and magical bonds. I'm not the end all and be all fitness expert, some of these times can be fast and loose. Perhaps you start every morning with a 10 minute yoga routine. Why not take a ritual shower after? Burn palo santo and towel dry your hair while visualizing a manifestation spell? Whenever you wake up in the mornings is up to you. Or, perhaps you anoint yourself with some charged oil before your nightly bootcamp classes, or you even say a small spell of protection when starting a new fitness move each week. That's honoring your time and self-respect.


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3. Incorporate the elements. 

Again, this is a tip I also enjoy keeping light and airy and fun. Light a candle when working out at home, add water to an exercise such as a swimming class, burn your fitness "fears" in a ritual at the end of each week, or simply explore taking your fitness practice to nature (run on the beach, walk in the forest, etc).

4. Set an intention. 

What do you want to achieve? Say it, write it down, picture it. Set an intention at the beginning of your practice. It also pairs perfectly with thanking your body (#1).

5. Choose one focus: breath, movement, headspace. 

Working out in general can feel a bit overwhelming at times. As with any ritual or spell work, focus on just one thing you want to see come to fruition. Take that feeling an apply it to one focus: be aware of your breathing, focus on one particular movement on your body (ex: lunges), or focus on centering your headspace.

6. Add a symbol, sigil, or charged item. 

Wear a charged token, carry a crystal in your gym bag, get a sacred sigil embroidered on your favorite workout leggings or top.

7. Visualize, visualize, visualize.

Do not doubt the power of visualization while you're moving with your body and your breath. Just like the power of visualization is paramount in sex magic, it can have the same effects while you are reaching a work out climax. Just as your body warms up and gains flexibility, so does your visualization muscle.

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