If this doesn't make you feel good, I don't know what will.

The Feel-Good-est Feel-Good Things On The Internet (Because The World Sucks)

Okay. Let’s cut the crap. The world is terrible right now. So I bring to you the feel-good-est feel-good things on the Internet. You're welcome!

I didn’t have a single clue what kind of ring I was expecting. Image: Melissa Petro.

Becoming Bride: Choosing The Ring

A couple months before our official engagement, Arran and I had an uncomfortable conversation about getting married. Specifically, my dear boyfriend of two years chose a quiet brunch on one unassuming Sunday to bring up the fact that he was reluctant to propose.


If I Ever Want To Get Married, I'll Do The Proposing

Equality is four-syllables forever tripping off our tongue and yet when it comes to marriage proposals we're all clamoring for the knee-drop.


Listful Thinking: 15 Reasons You Shouldn't Judge Another Woman's Engagement Ring

It's sad that we even have to spell this out.


Stop Making Extreme Proposal Videos Already! Sheesh.

Geez, we looooove our social media. Some of us even love it more than the people on it. You know, their friends – and fiancés.


A Bully Apologized. WHERE are the Tissues?!

What happens when a former bully reaches out to someone he hurt in high school?