We all have that One Friend. Whatever your problem is, their MLM has a fix for it.

What To Do When Your Friend Won’t Stop Trying To Sell You Things

We all have that One Friend. They found a product that they love and just can’t get enough of it. Whatever your problem is, their MLM has a fix for it.

LuLaRoe steals not just from their consultants, but also from artists!

All The Ways LuLaRoe Steals Your Time, Money, And Intellectual Property

LuLaRoe is terrible. Their leggings are soft, and that’s where the positive things I have to say end. LulaRoe steals and I'm not afraid to talk about it.


Feminist Thor Is Outselling "Normal" Thor

The shimmering rainbow shadow of the bifrost makes for a nice spot to quietly enjoy some humble pie. 


Queens Of Africa Dolls Outsell Barbie—Toy Industry, Are You Listening?

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The Slow Death of an Iconic Car: Whatever Happened to the Convertible?

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Online Shopping Crushes the Shopping Mall: A Generation of Teenagers Seeks a New Place to Waste TIme

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