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Just because you're both adults doesn't mean it won't be complicated.

Ask Erin: I Am Attracted To My Teacher, And I Think He's Attracted To Me

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What's The Difference Between Aesthetic And Sexual Attraction?

Sexual attraction is not the only type of physical attraction, AND aesthetic attraction is not the same as sexual attraction!

If our kids hear us excusing rape or sexual assault in any way, they will internalize that message. Image: Krewr Studio/Pexels.

6 Ways We (Accidentally) Teach Our Kids Rape Culture

As moms and dads, we probably don’t talk directly about rape to kids, at least not until they’re older. But we’re still sending messages about sex and consent all the time. Because of that, we need to make sure we’re not teaching them some very dangerous lessons, even if just by accident.

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The Psychology of a Girl Crush

I’ve had a huge girl crush on Natasha Lyonne ever since I saw the poster for the first American Pie movie. She owns her crazy and her big hair.