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3 Big Lessons From Scorpio Season

This is the one time of year, Scorpio Season (Oct. 23 to Nov. 22), when getting a little closer and looking a little deeper is, in some ways, Read...
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There I was throwing a loaded idea — heaven — at my son. What I should have said was, "I don’t know." But saying that out loud terrified me.

Kids And Spirituality: It's Okay To Say "I Don't Know" ​

There I was throwing a loaded idea — heaven — at my son. What I should have said was, "I don’t know." Kids and spirituality is harder than I imagined. Read...
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What Spirituality Looks Like For An Atheist

When I look up at the stars at night, I feel such a deep connection that I want to know more about where I came from. This is spirituality! Read...
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My spiritual awakening found its way.

In Search Of A Spiritual Awakening

I guess the point of a spiritual awakening is just that; if you were already awake, you wouldn’t need a moment that was self-defining. You’d already Read...
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Beyond Before & After
Magick Of Crystals And Gemstones. Image: Mariah Sharp @MightyMooseArt

The Mundane Magick Of Crystals And Gemstones

We witches have a secret weapon: the Earth. We know it holds a massive amount of power, and that is concentrated in crystals and gemstones. It's Read...
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I Left The Church To Become A Witch, And I'm Never Looking Back

For the longest time, it felt like a dirty secret that I needed to hide from everyone. I left the church to become a witch! Read...

Black Magic, Black Skin: Decolonizing White Witchcraft

I don't worship some appropriated feminine divinity or semi-European Paganism. I will talk about Black Magic, black skin and decolonizing white Read...
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Savannah came out as gay to her Mormon congregation while bearing her testimony. What her bishop did next was absolutely heartbreaking. (Image via YouTube)

Mormon Girl Comes Out As Gay To Congregation — Bishop Stops Her Mid-Speech

The idea is that you can say whatever you want, but most people know that there is a general script to follow when bearing one’s testimony. Coming Read...
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