I’ve become kind of obsessed with this, and I know I shouldn’t.

Ask Erin: Help! I Can't Stop Stalking My Boyfriend On Social Media

I wanted my boyfriend to post pictures with me. I posted pics as well. This might sound childish, but there were always these girls trying to break us up. So, for me, that's how it worked — posting pictures regularly would let them know that we’re still together.

"Let me explain: Jeremy isn't an ordinary man"

I Live In Constant Fear For My Safety

A woman shouldn’t need a man to protect her, but sadly I do.


Tiffany's Stalkers Get Their Own Movie: Welcome to Freaky Friday Films

Every Friday, our very DoubleCakes scours the videosphere for the best cringe-inducing documentaries, found footage and TV specials of yore.

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The Real Reason To Be Outraged About Domestic Violence And The NFL

Why domestic violence in the NFL is dangerous—not just for victims, but for our whole society.


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To prove a point about harassment, a Cosmo writer took to the streets with a special package.


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