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The Feminist Dilemma Of My Burning Love For Phantom Of The Opera

If we were to cut off all of our favorite forms of media because they contained problematic elements, we would live in a very silent and still world. Read...
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Stock Photos: Where Men Are Men And Women Are Women

According to Thinkstock, when I'm ready to fish, there's a certain stance I like to take in my waders. A spread-eagle one. Read...
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"Kiss A Ginger Day": Another Excuse To Sexually Objectify Redheads

Kiss A Ginger Day has a surprisingly sordid history . . . and a not-so-latent foundation of sexual objectification. Read...
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Stop Calling Me A "Strong Black Woman"

Calling black women "strong" disregards how this language has historically been used to harm and control us. Read...
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From The Secretly Gay To The Sexually Loose: Most Annoying Bisexual Tropes In Pop Culture

Film, TV and music have not done the struggling bisexual cause any favors. Sigh. Read...
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Open Letter To Time Warner Cable And Other Companies That Think Women Aren't Tech Savvy

Dear Time Warner: I’m writing this letter because your marketing department is run by men who believe they are modern Don Drapers. Read...
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Gone Girl's Rape Problem

Although penned by a woman, the blockbuster book and film includes—and perpetuates—disturbing claims of fake rape. Read...
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Dear Bill Frezza, Women Who Drink Aren't Dangerous Whores

A recent Forbes article attacking inebriated college women was insulting—but certainly not surprising. Read...
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