Learning about privilege requires three key aspects: openness, humility, and self-awareness. (Image: Annie Pratt for Unsplash)

How To Talk To Your Child About Privilege

Privilege is a complex term to grasp, even for adults. The earlier we teach it to our younger generations, the easier it becomes to understand.

At first, every time the quarry had a group scheduled, the same level of panic would hit all over again.

Real Teacher, Fake Dinosaur Quarry 

I walk out onto our fake dinosaur quarry, and watch in fear as a line of second graders get ready to witness my first time delivering the lesson.

My mom has been an invaluable mentor — not just to me, but to many of my friends.

A Mother's Wisdom: Why Everyone Needs A Mentor And A Friend

Back in my early twenties, I struggled financially. But more so in that much-mocked Millennial quest of “finding myself,” I made a number of questionable decisions.


What It's Like To Be A Black Girl In Korea

When I first arrived to teach in Ulsan, South Korea, of February this year, I anticipated life being different. I knew that I was thrust into a homogeneous society but I did not know how different it would feel. Not only was everyone the same color, but they all spoke Korean and in some cases dressed the same. In my city, I did not see any people of color.


Roxane Gay: Bad Feminist, Best-selling Author

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