Charmaine Griffin

Charmaine Griffin


Charmaine Griffin is a freelance writer from Los Angeles, CA.  She’s a self-love advocate who transparently shares her journey. She’s also a minimalist who embraces simplicity as a lifestyle. Most importantly she’s a secret nerd, taco lover, and proud womanist. Medium-      

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Feel confident about your ability to create and own your look!

How To Have Beyoncé Level Confidence On A Thrift Store Budget

Feel confident about your ability to create and own your look! Let’s explore some affordable finds in fashion, hair, and beauty!


What It's Like To Be A Black Girl In Korea

When I first arrived to teach in Ulsan, South Korea, of February this year, I anticipated life being different. I knew that I was thrust into a homogeneous society but I did not know how different it would feel. Not only was everyone the same color, but they all spoke Korean and in some cases dressed the same. In my city, I did not see any people of color.

Photo credit: YouTube, Beyonce Formation

What It Means To Be An Unapologetic Black Woman In 2016

What a time to be alive and a Black woman in 2016. This year we’ve seen some of the biggest “call to action” campaigns for Black women, from Beyonce’s Formation to #Blackgirlmagic. Right now Black women as a whole are being represented like never before — as beautiful, inspiring and radiant queens.

"I couldn’t expect a woman who didn’t even know me to become Super Mom in a matter of three months."

What It Is Like To Meet Your Mother After 20 Years

I was 5 years old when I last saw my biological mother. She was 20, recently had my baby brother and was fighting for custody of me. A series of unfortunate events, if you will, lead to her losing custody of me and relinquishing all rights over to my grandparents.

Black Female Superhero

Are We Ready For A Black Female Superhero? 

Without strong female characters, Black Panther would not have been the movie it was. Are they ready to create a movie surrounding a black female superhero?

Don't forget you.

7 Tips For Self-Care And Falling In Love With You 

Have you ever looked in the mirror and not felt good enough? Sometimes we give up dreams, hopes and love out of fear, negative self talk and pain. We rob ourselves of the only thing that no one else can truly give us: love.