Sometimes wonder how I found the courage to do this, to be a fat nomad, but what a ride it’s been.

I’m A Fat Nomad And The World Is Mine

Every day, it’s worth it. Sometimes I wonder how I found the courage to do this, to be a fat nomad, but what a ride it’s been.

Overall, I’m really happy to be living in the sailboat.

5 Ways Living On A Sailboat Has Changed Me   

I’ve been living on a sailboat for 18 months to save money on rent in one of the most expensive housing markets. Here's some ways it has changed my life.

"We are counting it as a win. We left early, but it was still a huge win." Image: Thinkstock

I Took My 1 Year Old To A Punk Music Festival. Here's What I Learned

There’s just no getting around it, and other than one half-hour spell where he sat with a good friend of ours while both of his moms took a swim, one of us had to be with him the entire weekend. And let’s be honest, because I’m “boob mom” and he was nursing even more than normal, it could never really be divided 50/50. All of that was fine, but it was often just fine, and there’s just no denying that it was a very different trip than it would have been without a kid.


Ginn Fizz: Performance Artist 

Spotted: Downtown Oakland


Traveling As A Feminist 

Traveling is good for your soul, or at least that’s what those motivational images of beautiful sunsets on Facebook say. I don’t know for sure how much better my soul feels after I go on a trip, but I do know that travelling as a woman can result in some interesting observations. The difference of treatment that women receive from one country to another has always been fascinating to me. Not only because we can be targets of sexism and misogyny anywhere, but because of how the overtness of inequality varies from location to location.

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6 Ways Travel Changes When You Don't Take The Kids

My husband and I recently traveled together without our kids for the first time . . . in a while. And it was a brand-new ball game.


Cherice Walker: Lone Traveler

Spotted: at Awaken Cafe in Oakland, CA