Photo of Jenny Block by Terri Glanger

On Loving And Being Loved During A Pandemic 

We are living in a time when we need to love and be loved now more than ever. Read...
The face I make when fairy tales suck.

Starbucks, Unicorns, & Broken Dreams 

We went out on Saturday as a family — a full day left with the infamous unicorn frappuccino still on the menu. The idea was to taste the fairy-tale magic.

Live and let live with however many sprinkles you goddamn want.

Starbuck's Unicorn Frappe: Blended Drink Served With A Side Of Food Shaming

Call me when Starbucks is serving a drink laced with cyanide and then I’ll join you in outrage.


Middle Finger Emoji, Finally, I Can Tell People To Screw Off With A Tiny Picture

In today's ON MY GOD FINALLY news, emojis. We have asked, demanded, for YEARS, that we might have the middle finger, so that we m