Middle Finger Emoji, Finally, I Can Tell People To Screw Off With A Tiny Picture

In today's ON MY GOD FINALLY news, emojis. We have asked, demanded, for YEARS, that we might have the middle finger, so that we may give the middle finger. Our day has arrived. The Holy and Omnipotent Apple has answered our most ardent prayer. Introducing: Middle Finger.

But there's more: TACO, BURRITO, UNICORN, LION, some guy with money coming out of his face, a mala (for the Buddhists in the crowd), badmiton (like someone actually plays badmiton), a polo shirt (for casual Fridays), and a coffin (which may actually prove more useful than the middle finger).  

Thoughts from ravishly staffers on the matter:

"Finally, a taco"

- Meredith Winner, Business Manager

"I am very excited for the middle finger, the unicorn, and the obscure travel icons that I am sure will accompany them. Nothing will replace the Easter Island/Possible Japanese Sculpture/We May Never Really Know emoji in my heart, though." 

- Jennifer Berrett, Feature's Editor 

"I will be inundated with the new Fox, finally. "

- Holly FOX. Managing Editor

"RIP, words."

- Nicole Gyan, Social Media Manager

"Be Yourself. And if you can't be yourself, be a ."

- yours truly, Joni Edelman, Editor In Chief and Unicorn Enthusiast

Go forth and text.


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