I didn’t just have to deal with the physical trauma of the fibroids and surgery, but the emotional fallout of dealing with potential infertility so early in my life.

Fibroids: A Women's Health Issue We Need To Talk About

As educated as women are on diabetes, cancer, heart disease and other conditions, fibroids remain on the back burner, though they are so prevalent.


Today We Say Goodbye: A Letter To My Uterus

Our relationship has been a little complicated. I've loved you a lot, and I've loathed you at least that much, but mostly you've just gone unnoticed. Except for those 5 to 7 days every four weeks when you made your presence quite evident, what with the river of life blood and the random excruciating, and from what I can tell, unnecessary, contractions.

Look at the way he spelled "ring." DisGUSting. Courtesy of, Facebook

Winnie The Pooh Is Not Intersex, But This Is What Intersex Looks Like

A Polish town has banned Winnie the Pooh, on the grounds that "it's" intersex. Face palm.


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An inadvertently sent "congratulations . . . new parent" email has set off a Twitter firestorm.


Does a Vagina Make a Woman?

What makes a "real woman"?