Cloth diapers!

4 Things (I Didn't Google) That Turned Me Into A Crunchy Mom

[CN: pregnancy, birth] I’ve always considered myself pretty open-minded, but honestly, before I had my first baby, I probably would’ve scoffed at a lot of the so-called “crunchier” parenting tactics that I now consider quite normal.


Vaccine Choice Is A Feminist Issue

SB 277, now known as California state law, strips parents of their right to informed consent while claiming that it's for their own good. Proponents of the law claim that it is necessary to mandate vaccinations in order to preserve herd immunity and to prevent a public health crisis. That is simply not the case.

Zoe Konstantopoulou

This Week In Pantsuit Politics: Greece's New Parliament President Stands Up To Sexist Bullies

Also this week: Scotland's first female prime minister continues to kill it, and Hillary takes on anti-vaxxers.


HPV Cure Found, Universe Collectively Fist Pumps

In the famous words of Tag Team's 90s mega-hit: Whoomp! (There it is.)