victim blaming

Mayim Bialik pens essay and perpetuates victim-blaming.

Mayim Bialik Has Really Done It This Time

Your body is your very own canvas, and you have the right to turn it into whatever work of art you want to display to the world... The root cause of rape is rapists, not short skirts, push up bras, or tight pants.

Abuse survivors should not have to charm their way to empathy.

Dating While (Semi) Damaged: On Being An Imperfect Victim

A low opinion of my character should not translate to assuming I would lie about abuse, or that I somehow deserved abuse.

I don't want to be that good girl anymore. I don't want to feel ashamed or shamed by someone else's shame. Image: Farah Beaini.

I've Been Harassed Again And Again. Being A 'Good Girl' Stops Me From Calling It Out.

In my sickest moments, supposedly in the safe hands of health care professionals, I have had a chiro compare helping me undress to ‘unwrapping a gift’; a physio make sexual innuendos about the stockings I had to slip out of for treatment. Again, despite the shame, I remained polite, paying the receptionist for a transaction that left me sick to the core.

When I realized I wanted to take on fat shaming and diet culture, my intuitive response was to start with me.

Take The Cake: Is Empowerment, Like, Victim Blaming's Cousin?

As I’ve begun to teach other people about how to break up with diet culture, I offer everything in my personal artillery. And I’m proud of that. I love that. However, I’m always quick to remind them that fatphobia isn’t their problem to fix because they — WE — didn’t create it. Our job is to heal ourselves and to live life on our own terms.

I knew this feeling of helplessness and hopelessness and loneliness wouldn’t go away. And it didn’t. And yet, I hoped. With all that I had, I hoped.

No One Believed Me: On Being An Imperfect Victim In A World Of Perfect Abusers

I was questioned about my sexual past — a past filled with consensual partners and an affinity for whiskey — and quickly deemed to be an imperfect victim, a deviant who was sexually active far too often and for far too long to ever conceivably tell a man no.


Don Lemon, Victim Blaming And The Myth Of The Singular Rape Experience

The CNN reporter's needling of a woman who says Bill Cosby assaulted her illustrates a much larger, and deeply troubling, issue.

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Dear Bill Frezza, Women Who Drink Aren't Dangerous Whores

A recent Forbes article attacking inebriated college women was insulting—but certainly not surprising.

Did this woman "ask for" a brutal beating? No, no and definitely no. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Friendly Reminder: Porn Stars are Humans and Humans Never Deserve Domestic Violence

Porn star Christy Mack was brutally beaten by an ex-boyfriend. Cue the victim blaming.