I will admit that nude hot springs are often the domain of thin white people. Kori and I are both melanin-blessed 250+ pound femmes. Image: author.

Two Fat Babes At The Naked Hot Springs

It all started with a text from my roomie, Kori: "I am manifesting lying out, and getting some sun on my cooch."

It's the truth.

Why I'm Proud My Child Showed Her Doctor Her Vulva

Studies have shown that teaching kids the actual terms for their private parts — instead of cutesy nicknames — decreases their chances of being targeted by a sexual predator. Their words are their weapon, whether they know it or not.

Credit: Flickr/Carole Raddato

What's So Scary About Vaginas?

I asked a handful of women: why are people so scared of ladyparts?


The Problem with "Human Maxi Pad" Pad Gardner

While Gardner is vocal about women's rights and is decently informed about reproductive science, he's a potentially damaging advocate.