I will admit that nude hot springs are often the domain of thin white people. Kori and I are both melanin-blessed 250+ pound femmes. Image: author.

Two Fat Babes At The Naked Hot Springs

It all started with a text from my roomie, Kori: "I am manifesting lying out, and getting some sun on my cooch." Read...
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It's the truth.

Why I'm Proud My Child Showed Her Doctor Her Vulva

Studies have shown that teaching kids the actual terms for their private parts — instead of cutesy nicknames — decreases their chances of being Read...
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Credit: Flickr/Carole Raddato

What's So Scary About Vaginas?

I asked a handful of women: why are people so scared of ladyparts? Read...
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The Problem with "Human Maxi Pad" Pad Gardner

While Gardner is vocal about women's rights and is decently informed about reproductive science, he's a potentially damaging advocate. Read...
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