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Black Female Superhero

Are We Ready For A Black Female Superhero? 

Without strong female characters, Black Panther would not have been the movie it was. Are they ready to create a movie surrounding a black female superhero?

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Why Do We Hate It When A Woman Changes?

There’s a saying that if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. But what happens when something or someone does change — especially if that person’s a woman?


Melissa Silverstein: Founder Of Women And Hollywood, Twitter Expert

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Films That Totally Fail The Sexy Lamp Test

I don’t think the bar is low enough. We obviously need a way to work up to the Bechdel Test. Baby steps. And we all know women love babies.

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MacArthur Foundation Confirms Something We Already Knew: Alison Bechdel Is A Genius

Alison Bechdel wins MacArthur 'Genius Grant' because . . . duh.


Women in Media : Underrepresented, Hypersexualized and Mad As Hell

The Women’s Media Center has released their (rather depressing) 2014 report examining the representation of women in everything from news media to