Women's HIstory Month

Representative Mary Lou Marzian

Rep. Mary Lou Marzian: My Women’s History Month Shero

Women's History Month — it should be a celebratory time as women reflect on all they have accomplished. Unfortunately, as we push back against Read...
Marcia G. Yerman    |   03.27.17   |   SHARE
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Celebrate Women's History Month With These 4 Must-Read New Books

Round out your library collection with tales of Kentucky nurses, creepy dolls, a Shakespeare romance, and more. Read...
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Cookie Monster, Tigger, Random Men Reveal What They Really Think of Women's History Month

It seems not everyone is as psyched about Women's History Month as we are. Bummer! Read...
Nikki Gloudeman   |   03.14.14   |   SHARE

It's Women's History Month: Time to Give Abortion Providers Some Much Deserved Recognition

It’s Women’s History Month, and with the emphasis on providing profiles of prominent female figures, it’s easy to Read...
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Let Me See That Smile: Artist Combats Sexual Abuse on the Streets

Word bombs like "hey baby" or “let me see that smile" create metaphysical clashes on the streets calling into question whether petulant catcalls are Read...
Sarah Gladstone    |   03.7.14   |   SHARE

5 Reasons to Salute Samantha Jones

Women’s History Month is a great time to honor all of the fabulous women who came before us. You know, Harriet Tubman, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Amelia Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   03.7.14   |   SHARE
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