Basically, your self-talk sounds a lot like an angry band of YouTube garbage trolls.

6 Ways To Practice Kind Self-Talk

Here’s a crash course on self-talk. Self-talk is the voice in your head, the invisible responder, the captain of your brain ship. Read...
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I know it feels like you're falling apart. You're not alone!

When You Feel Like You're Falling Apart, You're Not Alone

I know it feels like you're falling apart. It's the kind that happens when I have overcommitted and then something goes wrong and everything else Read...
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(illustrated by Sanna Thijs @fulloffreckles)

How To Chill Your Adrenals Out

Chronic stress secretes a hormonal cocktail that wreaks havoc on that amazing body you have. Here's how you can chill your adrenals and reduce stress. Read...
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Beyond Before & After
I’m so glad I’m no longer letting myself be someone else’s collateral damage.

Bad Bosses: A Guide To Excusing Yourself From Abuse

I know myself to be a hard worker and a loyal one, but being a good employee doesn’t require you to sacrifice your sense of self or health, for a bad Read...
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“What?! You’re way too young to have shingles!”

Shingles Taught Me A New Level Of Self-Care 

So I tell my boss that I probably have shingles and she’s like, “What?! You’re way too young to have shingles!” and I say, “Thank you!" Read...
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Image by Maria Shanina via Unsplash

Self-Care Resources To Prepare For Holiday Stressors: A Round-Up

At the tail-end of a Hold My Beer, 2016 sort of year, we could all use a little more self-care in our lives. Add to that the typical stressors of a Read...
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Tips for dealing with a jealous co-worker.

Dealing With A Jealous Co-Worker

Jealousy is an innate human emotion and there’s no easy way to deal with the green-eyed monster. But here are five tricks to help spot a jealous co- Read...
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People love giving me advice but I'm begging you, these are things I never want to hear again.

8 Things I Never Want To Hear, Ever Again

As a person who writes about relationships for a living, I might be one of the people least in need of all this well-meaning advice, which usually Read...
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