Listful Thinking: 3 Snarkiest Kimye Burns

Ponder this: what would we do with ourselves if we didn't have Kimye to hate on?

Independent from one another, reality TV queen Kim Kardashian and braggart extraordinaire Kanye West serve as an exaggerated version of everything we love-hate about big stars: the grandiosity, the drama, the self-absorption, the lavish lifestyle. Together, they are dynamite—the ideal vessel for our desire to mock and ridicule everything wrong with our vapid culture (but that we secretly kind of love).

The latest manifestation of these mixed-up feelings is a Vogue cover featuring Kanye with his arms wrapped around Kim in a pseudo-wedding gown. The exaltation of the celebs to the cover of America's style bible has irked many, including Sarah Michelle Gellar, who tweeted "Well...I guess I'm canceling my Vogue subscription...Who's with me?"

Is this vitriol fair? Not entirely. The two have worked hard for their success (yes, even Kim), seem to actually be in love, and legitimately are involved in the fashion industry. Plus, as we like to continually point out about celebs, we don't actually know them. That said, there is so much to find annoying about this pair that it's hard not to revel in at least some of the mockery.

For these somewhat unethical purposes, we've compiled the list below of the greatest Kimye #ohsnaps in history. Delight!

1. Seth Rogen and James Franco's Parody Twofer

Kanye West's ridiculous "Bound" music video, in which he made out with a topless Kim while driving a motorcycle (sans helmets!), was ripe for parody—and Seth Rogen and James Franco were quick to take advantage of the opportunity. Their parody video was hilarious for the simple fact that it involved two silly guys necking and making lovey faces at each other on a motorcycle. Immature? Definitely. Funny? You bet.

Continuing their love-hate affair with Kimye, Rogen and Franco have now released a parody of the new Vogue cover that follows the same simple formula—Seth as Kim, James as Kanye—to winning effect. Can we expect more mockery from these comedians down the road? It seems as likely as Kimye doing something else that's easy to make fun of (so . . . very).

2. SNL's "Waking Up With Kimye" Sketch

The simple premise for this running sketch—Kim and Kanye as hosts of a morning talk show—is milked to full effect through a lampooning of various annoying attributes, from Kanye's controlling ways to Kim's baby voice. It's not groundbreaking, but we dare you not to laugh.

3. College Humor's "Kim and Kanye's Baby Name Brainstorm"

No parody roundup would be complete with a dig on the glorified Kimye baby. There was lots of humorous fodder surrounding the birth of North West, but we appreciate the clever simplicity of this "Possible Baby Names" list. Our favorite monikers: "Bluer Ivy" and "She is a God." Through elaborate back-and-forth scribblings in black and pink, this parody also taps in to something else that irks us—the pairing of hyper-masculine Kanye with hyper-feminine Kim, and the controlling/submissive dynamic this fosters.

In any case, it's comic gold, as is so much else inspired by this over-the-top couple. So Kimye, thanks—we all need to get snarky sometimes, and you've never let us down.

Image: Instagram

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