Should The FDA Regulate Makeup?

Like all federal agencies since the beginning of time, the FDA's rep is shrouded in accusations of bribery, lethargy, and inefficiency. But this time around, the agency isn't the bad guy (maybe, it's Maybelline?). A proposed bill seeks to expand the FDA's regulating parameters to include cosmetics. And actually . . . it's not a bad idea.

For now, the FDA can merely suggest a brand pull its makeup product off the market—and manufacturers are not required to disclose all makeup components on their product casing. Given that the skin is your largest organ, it's unsettling to know that beauty products have been held up to a lower standard than processed junk food. 

Now that we've scared you, want to know what the cosmetics companies are saying about this bill? Get this: they're totally into it. Johnson & Johnson, Proctor & Gamble, and Revlon have already given the bill an enthusiastic thumbs-up. 

Let's just hope no one has anything to hide—corruption is not a good look. 


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