Will Smith Is Not A Scientologist

I've previously written about the dangers of celebs peddling the Church of Scientology, adding Hollywood sheen to actively abusive practices. But it seems at least one star who many believed was a Scientologist, actually is not.

According to a high-profile former Scientology exec and leading journalist covering the religion, Will Smith does not belong to the controversial celebrity-Scientologist crew—despite his friendship with Tom Cruise and past statements he's made defending the cult.

In fact, according to sources Mark Rinder and Tony Ortega, the religion hasn't recruited a new celeb in a good quarter-century:

“There’s not that many celebrities in Scientology, and the young ones were born into it, and the other ones people cite—Cruise, Travolta, and Kirstie Alley—got into it in the ’70s and ’80s. They have not attracted a major star in 25 years. The only young Scientologists on the celebrity scene were all born into it. Beck was born into it. Giovanni Ribisi was born into it.”

It's heartening to know fewer stars are joining the push to promote a religion known for bullying, physical and emotional abuse, and manipulation.

Will: We knew you were better than that.

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