Zoolander Sequel Announced During Valentino Show

Get those orange-mocha-frappacccinos ready, Zoolander 2 is officially happening! Wait! We have better news still: The sequel was announced at the end of Valentino's show during Paris Fashion Week. Ben Stiller—as Derek Zoolander—strutted down the runway (to "Don't You Want Me"—of course) and snagged a front row fan's phone for some selfies. Hansel, the usurper (AKA Owen Wilson, if you must call him by his mortal name), also made an appearance. 

Courtesy of Vogue

The duo even rocked Valentino gear during the live teaser. Oh, and they took a selfie that was photobombed . . . by Anna WintourCan you imagine the fiercest female in the industry making that extra, awkward, yet hilarious effort to be in your selfie? 

The movie will be released next February. Until then, we propose an 11-month party in anticipation for the event. Fashion shouldn't be serious (look at Wintour's smile in that pic!), and it's a beautiful day when comedy intersects with the style sphere.

Alright, who's down to kick off the celebrations with a good, old-fashioned gasoline fight? 

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