Lana Del Rey Makes Everything Creepy/Sexy, Even this Disney Song

Last night the new Maleficent trailer premiered at the Grammys, and while it was pretty cool to see Angelina Jolie rocking the pointy horns and the pointy cheekbones plotting evil against Fanning number two, the most on point part was Lana Del Rey’s haunting croon-rendition of “Once Upon a Dream”, the theme song from the original 1955 Sleeping Beauty.  And while the animated Disney classic is all very good and well, Disney, Maleficent will be told from the perspective of the titular villainess, following the growing trend of villain-centric plots. Lana’s hypnotic, perfectly creepy voice lends the trailer a certain kind of magic, a sexy, very un-Disney kind of magic. But it gets even better, you can download the song for free here. Lana’s trademark vampy yet vulnerable sound can do no wrong, especially when set to film, like last year’s Gatsby which featured Lana’s “Young and Beautiful”. Ok, this trailer makes it official Lana should be everywhere all the time.  For example, on this Valentine’s Day card, you’re welcome.

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