White House Dinner or Eighth Grade Dance: Staffers Scramble to Save Party from Disaster

Welcome to the latest chapter in French President Francois Hollande's crusty – but somehow irresistible – love life.

So. Hollande was lucky enough to receive the rare honor of a White House state dinner—an obviously extravagant, multi-course, get-your-black-tie on event, complete with government officials, business leaders, political fundraisers, and of course a heavy dollop of celebrities. 

In preparation for the festivities, the White House ordered 300 (expensive) ivory invitations engraved​ with the presidential seal to be sent to guests . . .

And then the White House destroyed 300 (expensive) ivory invitations engraved​ with the presidential seal to be sent to guests.

In the wake of Hollande's public dump-age of longtime-time lover (and mother to his four children) Valerie Trierweiler, new invitations had to be ordered. Without an official French First Lady ... proper protocol has gone right out the window and the party is poised to be a potential disaster!

Blood is running high b*tches. White House staff were reportedly already nervous about pulling off the first state dinner in close to two years, especially since the guests are from cuisine-revered France. And Trierweiler's sudden disappearance throws a serious wrench into traditions: There will be no First Ladies tea or coffee (gasp!), nor a First Ladies trip to a local school (all First Ladies’ favorite activity) and it's also unclear who should be seated next to Hollande where Trierweiler would have been!

And what about dancing?!  Hollande has no designated partner to sashay with (unless Michelle does double-duty—more great tabloid fodder!) so perhaps the boogying should be kibosh-ed altogether?

This isn't the first time the French have burned us on this account either. In 2007, Hollande’s predecessor, Nicolas Sarkozy, similarly surprised the Bushes just three weeks before arriving for a White House dinner by announcing his divorce from his wife, Cécilia. Maybe there’s just something about DC that makes you want to ditch your lady ASAP.

But don’t feel too daunted devoted staffers — it would be hard to commit a bigger faux-pas than the security team who let Real Housewives crash their party.  (Image: commons.wikimedia.org)​

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