The STD-Riddled Consequences of Condom-less Living

A startling study found that two out of every five women don’t use any form of contraception. Why does it matter? Here's why: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 19 million new cases of STDs occur every year. And we hate to stereotype you crazy college kids, but you’re extra at risk: a quarter of you have an STD. Yikes!

Planned Parenthood asks women to assess their condom-less sex lives. Do you occasionally get carried away?

And maybe you’re monogamous, but Planned Parenthood suggests a yearly check-up for everyone who ditches condoms (no, no one likes them). Why? You just never know. You should also slide those babies right on your sex toys, too. If not, make sure to clean them. Like, all the time.

The super gonorrhea scare of last fall was no picnic. Recap: this strain is antibiotic resistant. That’s the stuff of a sci-fi sex nightmare! Is it fatal? It can be. Every year, antibiotic resistant bacteria kills 23,000 people. Other STDs may be easier to treat, but they may not have symptoms.

Try taking this quiz at Planned Parenthood to see if you’re due for a check-up.

Scared yet?


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