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New Vaginal Ring Protects From STDs

The New England Journal of Medicine is reporting promising results from an experimental vaginal ring for STD prevention. Like the rings for birth control, this device is a flexible ring that a woman inserts into her vagina. Instead of releasing birth control, the ring releases anti-bacterial or anti-viral medications to stop STDs before they take hold.

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Father-Daughter Duo Create Condom Business Marketed To Women

Yes, you DID read that correctly.


Wrap It Up! February Is National Condom Month

The condom, when used accurately, has an efficacy rate of 97 percent protection against pregnancy. New textures, aromas, and sizing options have created plenty of choices.


Melissa Fabello: Body Image Vlogger, Editor for Everyday Feminism

Body positivity vlogger. Ph.D. pursuer.


Why I'm Giving Your Teenagers Condoms

"However, if you've ever met a teenager, you know that roughly 75% of them will never willingly walk into the school nurse's office and ask about birth control. But, even if they do, they still won't necessarily know which form is best for them, and they certainly won't be given the advice they need to dump that player and move on already. That's where us parents come in. Except, of course, that half of our kids won't talk to us about the ins and outs of sex and relationships."

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How To Rock The Fertility Awareness Method

When the pill doesn't work, try this.


Rachel Maddow Fights The Censoring Of Arizona Biology Students' Textbooks

Rachel Maddow just owned conservative Arizona school board members.