Sports Illustrated’s Girl on Girl (on Girl!) Cover Gets Men Salivating and Us Wondering

Hubba-hubba, bow-chicka-wow-wow, giggity-giggity-giggity!

Sports Illustrated, not satisfied with merely having hot-babe icon Barbie posing for its swimsuit edition, has taken sexy-time to the next level with its freshly released cover featuring not one, not two, but three smokin' hot models, grabbing each other’s asses while smiling innocently at the cameras.

It’s Girls Gone Wild with a little more tease and a lot more babe, a male’s wet dream writ large. The media has wasted no time playing up the awesomeness of this three-for-one deal, calling the Three Fuck-ateers a “topless trio” and “threesome” (wink-wink).
What precisely is it about women touching each other that gets the collective male boner at full attention? Alas, there’s scant research on this topic (scientists, get to!), but there are plenty of men attempting to explain the attraction online. Here are some of the top reasons I uncovered:

1. It’s biology, b*tches

Back in the caveman era, men used a heightened visual sense to tell from a distance if a woman was sexually available, so as to procreate, procreate, procreate. Two women touching is super-visual. Cue hard-on.

2. Men like the idea of inserting their manly manliness into the estrogen fantasy

As one amazing lady put it, “Straight men, and men in general, think the penis is the center of the f*cking universe, and that two women kissing are just dying to have a MAN come in with his DICK and give them some REAL f*cking...Men are idiots.”

3. It frees guys from crazy chick drama

According to a gent named sensuousbull, “Men have harem fantasies. If he has two women that are into kissing each other, then he doesn't have to deal with jealousy and drama."

So, to recap: women hot. More hot women touching good. Sports Illustrated cover very good.

Image: Sports Illustrated

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