Unicorn Meat! Obama Gaffe! Internet Trolls! Ravishly's Weird+Wonderful News Roundup

Once again, we've rounded up some of the day's most click-worthy, gawk-and-gape-and-guffaw news stories. Enjoy!

Whoops! Miami Painter Smashes $1 million Vase He Thought Was From Home Depot

In protest over the Perez Art Museum's lack of local art, Miami painter Maximo Caminero smashed a cheap-looking garden pot displayed at the museum. Only problem? The vase was actually a 2,000-year-old Han dynasty artifact worth $1 million. (Oof!) Now Caminero is facing up to five years in prison for his protest gone awry. Way to go, buddy: Now everyone just thinks Miami artists are cray-cray.


Whoops Again! Obama Apologizes for Art-history-bashing Gaffe

The art world just can't catch a break! In addition to the vase smash heard 'round the world, Obama has apologized for remarks he made a couple weeks ago admitting that art history degrees are kinda lame (or something to that effect). In his defense, he claimed he really enjoyed art history in high school, a less annoying (but equally evasive) take on the classic "I'm not homophobic! I even have a gay friend!" defense.


Study Proves the Obvious: Internet Trolls Suck the Big One

We knew it! According to just-released research, people who troll around the Internet acting like d*cks are, in fact, d*cks -- prone to manipulative Machiavellanism, narcissism, psychopathy and sadism. To which Internet trolls have responded: "Well at least I'm not a stupid ugly slut."



Anteater Bug Vacuum, Unicorn meat, Electro-music Trolls Make Toy Show Debut

The recently wrapped 2014 American International Toy Fair in New York was filled with bat*hit crazy delights, as this time-sucking (in the best way!) slideshow proves. So what would you rather play with -- robotic fish, chameleon goggles or zombie Barbies? Debate!

Images: commons.wikimedia.org



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