A 2009 screenshot of upyoursobama.com, since this wasn't even an ORIGINAL joke

Evangelical Senator David Perdue, Proponent Of Out-Of-Context Bible Quotes

When asked about the Perdue’s remarks, White House press secretary Josh Earnest suggested that the Senator look in the Bible again — this time for the words for an apology.

That, my friends, is the face of #done.

Barack Obama To Visit Mosque, FoxNews To Sling Mud About It

President Obama plans to visit a mosque in Baltimore, MD. He’s going there to speak about the problems associated with global anti-Islamic bigotry and to promote religious tolerance. He delivered a similar message about anti-Semitism at the Israeli embassy last week.


Obama Is Finally Taking Away Your Guns (Thank God!)

Obama outlined his new gun control plan this morning and all I have to say is thanks, Obama. It's about goddamn time.


Quote of the Day: Obama Says, “Stop Hatin' All the Time” and Quit Trying to Sue Me!

Our favorite orange-hued politician, John Boehner, has released a draft resolution authorizing the House to sue Obama.


Watch: Putin-Approved Exercise Routine Fit for a President

Jimmy Kimmel capitalizes on world tensions and Obama’s recent workout video leak to provide a fitness regimen straight from Mother Russia.