Barack Obama To Visit Mosque, FoxNews To Sling Mud About It

That, my friends, is the face of #done.

That, my friends, is the face of #done.

President Obama plans to visit a mosque in Baltimore, MD. He’s going there to speak about the problems associated with global anti-Islamic bigotry and to promote religious tolerance. He delivered a similar message about anti-Semitism at the Israeli embassy last week.

If you are a person who hopes for broad tolerance across the world, this seems like a great thing for the President of the United States to do. If you are the editorial staff at FoxNews, however, you see this an opportunity to make both the mosque in question and President Obama look bad.

Apparently, The Islamic Society of Baltimore — which has about 3,000 congregants and runs a K-12 school, summer camp, and health clinic — employed an imam named Mohamad Adam El-Sheikh from 1983-1989 and again from 1994-2003. El-Sheikh had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan and eventually left the United States to work with Al Quaeda in Yemen. He was killed by a US drone strike in 2011.

For those of you following along at home, a radical cleric was imam at a mosque Barack Obama had never visited during years when Barack Obama was not president and eventually died because of a military action authorized by Barack Obama.

So controversial. Much suspicious. Very conspiracy. Wow.

Notwithstanding FoxNews’ determination to find something — ANYTHING — to make interfaith outreach look bad, President will be speaking at the mosque later today. 


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