TGIF! Michelle Obama, Will Ferrell & Jimmy Fallon in Amazing One Direction Sketch

What better thing to wake up to on a Friday morning than Michelle Obama dancing around with Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell dressed in drag as One Direction-loving teen girls?

Yes that's right, the answer is nothing. Here are our five fave moments from the sketch that appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night.

1. Michelle's "It is not ew!"  (2:13 mark)

Michelle's attempt at sounding like a ditzy young girl is hilariously bad because she's so very, very far from ditzy. Yet she gives it her all and it's pretty darn adorable.

2. The not-so-subtle political messaging

On the heels of Obama dissing Putin by forgoing the customary presidential Olympics appearance, Michelle made sure to say she loves the Olympics, a shrewd nod to the Americans competing there. She also gave a nice shout-out to the importance of working out and staying healthy, though it's kind of annoying how she works out every day (way to make us feel bad, Michelle!)

3. Michelle dancing! (3:20 mark)

During the "dance party" break, there's a brief moment where Michelle seems to want to break it down (who doesn't think this fit and fabulous lady can bust a move?), but then clearly thinks "Oh wait, I'm the first lady, gotta tone it down." Nice on-the-spot political correcting! (Though now we want to see her bust those moves.)

4. Michelle's "ew" faces (4:20 mark)

Get this woman in films, stat! Michelle fully commits to her scrunched-up "ew" faces and it's just-plain delightful.

5. The target of the sketch

The whole sketch is basically targeted at mean-girl ditz culture, marked by text-acronym talk and flagrant use of the word "Ew!" to describe, well, everything. It's a savvy target for lampooning, and a troubling subculture worth calling out.

Ok ok, no more proselytizing about a silly Jimmy Fallon sketch. Watch! TGIF!

Image: Screenshot

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