Michelle Obama Owned All Graduations, Everywhere

What would you do if our fabulous First Lady gave a commencement address at your graduation? 

My body would hit the floor out of pure excitement. After I (eventually . . . ) recover, I suppose I'd better listen. The students at Martin Luther King College Preparatory did just that. (Or so we assume.) Yes. That's right. Michelle Obama herself gave the commencement address to that lucky school!

In doing so, Michelle revealed her experience overcoming negative stereotypes to the graduating class of 2015.

“With every word you speak, with every choice you make and with the way you carry yourself each day, you can write a new story about our communities,” the 51-year-old fashionista said to the crowd. “That’s a burden that President Obama and I proudly carry every single day in the White House, because we know that everything we do and say can either confirm the myths about folks like us — or it can change those myths.”

Obama later touched upon overcoming adversity since the school itself lost a classmate, Hadiya Pendleton, in 2013.

"Graduates, tonight, I want you to understand that every scar that you have is a reminder not just that you got hurt, but that you survived," Obama continued. "So it's OK to feel the sadness and the grief that comes with those losses. But instead of letting those feelings defeat you, let them motivate you. Let them serve as fuel for your journey. If you understand that getting help isn't a sign of weakness but a sign of strength, then I guarantee you that you will get what you need to succeed."

Obama has been scheduled to giving numerous speeches across the country. Slay the crowds, First Lady!

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