Hillary Clinton POTUS? Chelsea Clinton as FLOTUS?

In the (totally super awesome) event that Hillary Clinton were elected President of this fine country....wait. Who then, would be the First Lady? Oh, can't you just see Bill running the White House egg roll, organizing the many trees that adorn the White House at Christmas, discussing nutrition, reading stories to small children? Well, let me tell you, I'd get in line to see that. Even better if he wears a nice frock and sensible heels. And even better if some second rate news organization starts to critique his attire. All of that is pretty unlikely though, given that Bill has his own agenda to attend to, ie playing golf or whatever former Presidents do.

But that leaves the seat unoccupied. So now what?

Enter: Chelsea Clinton. 


That's right. If Hillary takes the POTUS seat, there is a very real social role that must be filled. It's a pretty likely scenario that Chelsea would take the helm. Two women running the show. Oh please universe, I beg of you.

I'm not sure about Bill and the Christmas trees anyway. 

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