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New Normal

Some mornings when I wake, it takes a few seconds before I remember what happened and how I arrived to the world I’m living in now. Once I do remember, I stare at the ceiling and reist getting out of bed. Read...
Don Jr. admitted the meeting happened. He admitted the other two Trump consiglieres were present. He admitted that the lawyer had suggested she had dirt, but really she didn’t. (Image Credit: Instagram/@donaldtrumpjr)

Did Donald Trump Jr. Just Incriminate Himself Blatantly On The Russian Scandal?

The Russian meddling, the Kremlin favoring his father, the offer to provide information with material value to the Trump campaign. Did Donald Trump Jr. know it was illegal? I dunno. But he went ahead and did it all anyway.

How ironic, then, that my second grader effectively predicted the election before the pundits and election nerds at The New York Times.

Raising A Daughter In The Era Of Trump

Despite eight years of progress, the racist, sexist America that I grew up in wasn’t actually gone, it was just waiting in the wings.

Donald Trump thought BEING PRESIDENT would be EASIER than his regular life. Oh America, what have we wrought? (Image Credit: Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

#RavsRadar: Donald Trump - The Man Who Thought Being POTUS Would Be 'Easier' Than Regular Life. LOLSOB

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and Jeb Bush and so many other candidates were imperfect and problematic in their own ways, but they were also career public servants who knew the risks and the responsibilities of the office. They expected it to be hard. They were ready for it to be hard. We should have elected one of them.

How to find hope, despite the times.

Yes, Virginia, Trump IS The President

In 1897, a little girl named Virginia O’Hanlon wrote a letter to the editor of the Sun, asking if there was a Santa Claus.

Image via Instagram: @kevgagnon08

Kanye Hangs Out With Trump, World Prays For Miracle

In today’s Anything-Can- And-Will-Happen news, Kanye visits the President (OMGPLEASENO) Elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower AKA Cheeto Headquarters USA #MAGA.

Perhaps I say this to benefit you, as much as I’m saying it because I need to hear it myself: the time for mourning has long passed.

Stand Up And Fight (After You Feed The Kids)

The tumult that’s been rippling through our country has me begging the question: what do we do when we feel the defeat of a woman and the rise of a monster bearing down on us?