Boy Watching Cartoon About Owls Is Surprised By Actual, Real-Life Owl

This sounds like something out of the Disney Saturday Morning Hour.

Father Marlo Sarmiento and his 5-year-old son, Ollie, were watching an animated TV show about owls when an actual, real-life owl thumped at their window –– probably interested in watching the show himself.

"I took a look and was surprised to see a tiny owl, stunned and just sitting there on the windowsill," Sarmiento told The Huffington Post.

Ollie later dubbed the owl Eflis, after the show the father-son duo were watching.

In most cases, birds flying into windows are not very lucky, often suffering from severe trauma or death, but Elfis seemed just fine. Sarmiento wonders that he may have been "attracted by the owl screeches coming from the TV.” Elfis stayed with Ollie for a short while, just enough time to snap a few photos and get some quality screen time. He departed after around five minutes, fortunately unharmed by his window crash landing. 

Elfis has not since visited the Sarmiento home, but the family still “leaves their sliding back doors open just in case."

“My sister quipped that it was a good thing we weren't watching an episode about elephants," Sarmiento joked. 

Now, that would be a story!

Picture taken by Marlo Sarmiento.


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